Monday, 8 August 2011

FAQ About Reiki – Uncover The Hidden Answers

As a matter of fact, though all of the people are not aware of the term and practice of Reiki. Those who are merely of the term Reiki, they have got ambiguity in their mind. However, the experts of Reiki London going to gratify you people with the answers of frequently asked questions in order to clear you people ambiguity and get confident about the term itself.

Are Reiki Practices Safe?
It is purely concerned with the positive and good factors one own-self. Though, it don't focus on the negative aspects of the health. In any possible case, if something goes wrong, it won't affect one at all.

Is it for any particular age group?
No, it can be applied by everyone and anyone. Even children and pregnant women may also adopt it in their routine.

Is it related to a specific religion or myth?
Though, some people think of it as a religious believe but it is applicable to all. No matter with which religion and believes you are related, you may opt Reiki in order to get sound health. In plain wordings, it is purely about the spiritual believe and inner-self.

Why Reiki and no other energy healing practices?
Reiki is all about you, you have to focus on your own inner energies to heal rather you get it from other's hand. Though, reiki practitioner will give you massage but you will be taught to focus on your own energies.

What are and for what Reiki Symbols are used?
Reiki Symbols are the tools that is employed to direct energies to the body.

Can I do Reiki practices by myself?
Yes, surely you can. There is a particular practice known as Reiki-I, in which you are required to laying on your hands down the body. Though, you need to have sound knowledge of it to apply.

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