Thursday, 6 October 2011

One Minute Meditation – A Step Towards Physical and Mental Health

It is a plain truth that in order to expect for whole bunch of benefits out of meditation practices one should look for calm, peaceful and with a big longer time. However, when it comes to this busiest era, very less number of people try to manage it somehow to makes their time worth enough by importing it into meditation classes. Well, the stated statements are not stated to make you people frustrated. In consonance with the masters of MeditationLondon Clinic, one can take most out of meditation even in a minute.

Calculating more with the preceding lines, if one has got tight grip over his mind and thoughts, even a one minute meditation can gratified him with a giant treasure full of blessings. It is for sure that finding the proper peaceful and relax spot to conduct meditation takes its own time but it doesn't mean you off it of out of your mind. Whenever and wherever you found leisure time, just make it worthy by doing private meditation and expect for benefits. No matter if you are waiting for a train to arrive, waiting at a bus station, waiting outside lift or within lift, and so on with quite high range of possibilities you may find throughout your entire day. Try to don't let it goes waste. Import such short moments in a meditation practices and hope for the whole commended package.

Considering the entire storyline, undoubtedly if one performs meditation even for a minute on a daily basis, it will earns him with sound physical and mental health. All what one really needs is pure dedication and believe to make it happens.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Getting Started with Homeopathy Fundamentals

Like other medicines and medical treatments Homeopath is another medical system that focuses on diluted substances or medicines in the form of tablets to cure diseases. Fundamentally, homeopathy is about triggering body’s healing system with lightest intensity of medicines that may trigger body’s natural elements to contribute self-healing. Having known some symptoms specific and suitable medicines are prescribed by a pro homeopath and that is quite similar with other medical systems today. So, precisely there are three fundamentals of homeopathy medical system and are the following.
  • Like Cures Like
  • Minimum Dose
  • The Only One Curative

Like cures like or like with like is very core concept in homeopath that is about remedies that trigger symptoms can be used for treatment too. For example, taking much coffee can cause agitation and wiping out sleep so using tiny amount of coffee can be used for the treatment of these particular symptoms as homeopathic medicine. Whilst, minimum dosage is the second focal point in homeopathy and is strictly based on the most dilute substances which may trigger the self-healing system of the body and the last fundamental of this medical system is using the single curative at a time that will yield the results regardless of how many symptoms are exposed but only one remedy would be adopted. For more details and guidance one may consult Homeopathy London.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Best Practices Guide for Ayurvedic Massage – Part II

All of the illness or medical constraints and limitation should never be kept hidden from the therapist to avoid any possible hazard or to ensure safe treatment. It also include pregnancy element for women who may expect or already pregnant, should explicitly convey to therapist so no harm is expected.

Having an Ayurvedic massage that last around 40-60 minutes, therapist may ask you questions or say different mantras to make you feel relaxed and are always according to your mindset so you may feel comfortable. However, you should respond to therapist questions and let him or her know about you so that he or she may deliver a fruitful massage that is just according to your skin and body type.

As Ayurvedic massages and treatments are much oil therefore you should either ask the therapist about the massage type to know what to wear or in general you should wear such clothes which are dispensable or could be thrown away.

After finishing up with the massage, you may take long and leisure bath to remove all of oils and herbs etc. and should take cool drink to relax and take rest for some time.
Having regular Ayurvedic treatment ensures your balanced health and well-being apart from relaxation and overall improved lifestyle.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Best Practices Guide for Ayurvedic Massage – Part I

There exist a variety of approaches and procedures that could be adopted for doing some job and some of them could be quite common and some might be the best to opt for maximum results. Same is the case with Ayurvedic massage, different aspects should be considered before, during and after the treatment which will help ripping off the maximum results. Following are some of the best practices that an individual should consider if willing to go for an Ayurvedic massage treatment.

One should be ready for the massage and should not be engaged in arduous tasks before the treatment because it will not yield the valuable results due to the strain and stress that might have caused due that hard job – so avoiding rough and tough tasks before the treatment is essential.

Since, all massages and treatments are tailored according to the nature and skin of the individual that include massage type, oils and herbals. Therefore, having a discussion with therapist to assist him designing a suitable massage and mixtures for you because not all oils are suitable for everyone and each person’s skin may be different or require certain oils or herbs which may not be suitable for anyone else.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to Get Rid of Depression Using Osteopathy

Osteopathy is in fact a medical treatment that is based on fundamentals of musculoskeletal system that is about body structure and its functions. One of the most important prominent concept of Osteopathy is that human is an integrated whole which is indivisible so none of the body part can be considered in isolation either for treatment or for medication. However, musculoskeletal system is composed of muscles, nerves and joints and involves bones which are all integrated with each other to perform body functions.
Osteopathy London makes use of surgical and medical treatments same as other doctors but Osteopathy is use for a number of issues and problem of musculoskeletal system and even apart from it too but in major specifically about it. It has been proved by the medical systems and evidences as well that Osteopaty is more effective to cure back and neck pain. However, different other medical treatments like meditation can also be used to reduce the intensity of the pain but Osteopathy can bring you the relief from the pain. Following are some of the illnesses which can be voided by means of Osteopathy.
· Asthma
· Tennis Elbow
· Neck Pain
· Back Pain
· Joints Pain
· Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
· Ankle Pain and Injury
· Depression and Surgery Recovery
· Menstrual Pain
Above are some of the illnesses for which Osteopathy have proven results and evidences so one may consult the doctor or Osteopath for more details.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to Do Self-Massage - Head Massage Procedure - Part II

Following are some more step and in continuity of part -i.
  • Thereafter, put on some more oil and massage back of your head while heading towards top of the head. Remember, keep the circular motion and be gentle.
  • When done with the individual parts, time to massage your entire scalp at once for the sake of 3-5 minutes.
  • Now grab your hair but don’t be tough with this part, grab it gently and shift it from right to left and vice versa. Though, if you don’t have hair, forget about this step.
  • Time to squeeze your head in order to expect for relaxation, place your hands against each other say left hand behind the head while right at the forehead. Bless yourself with a gentle force and a shorts circular motion. Then rotate your hands to apply pressure at other parts of the scalp.
Above steps will help the pro masters of ayurvedic massage to reveal you to be sure of what you are doing.

How to Do Self-Massage - Head Massage Procedure - Part I

Considering the plain fact of massage though everyone knows that it helps in its own amazing way to make enable one to get rid of migraine (headache), backache, stress, depression while delivering the ultimate health benefits to entire body. You can unlock the wholesome treasure by yourself and for yourself, though expert practitioners of Ayurvedic Massage are highly recommended if you are not sure what you are doing in real. However, in order to be sure of what you are doing the pro masters of massage going to reveal you with some helpful steps.
  • Get natural oil, make it slightly warm if possible else you make leave it in your own hands so that it gets warm by itself. 
  • Apply the oil on your whole fingers and start massaging the scalp, initially the sides of your head starting from the portion near to ears while moving towards temples. Make sure you are doing it in circular motion. 
  • When done, apply more oil to your fingers and get start on your top of the head leading towards forehead.
More steps will be posted in second part of this blog post.