Friday, 30 September 2011

Getting Started with Homeopathy Fundamentals

Like other medicines and medical treatments Homeopath is another medical system that focuses on diluted substances or medicines in the form of tablets to cure diseases. Fundamentally, homeopathy is about triggering body’s healing system with lightest intensity of medicines that may trigger body’s natural elements to contribute self-healing. Having known some symptoms specific and suitable medicines are prescribed by a pro homeopath and that is quite similar with other medical systems today. So, precisely there are three fundamentals of homeopathy medical system and are the following.
  • Like Cures Like
  • Minimum Dose
  • The Only One Curative

Like cures like or like with like is very core concept in homeopath that is about remedies that trigger symptoms can be used for treatment too. For example, taking much coffee can cause agitation and wiping out sleep so using tiny amount of coffee can be used for the treatment of these particular symptoms as homeopathic medicine. Whilst, minimum dosage is the second focal point in homeopathy and is strictly based on the most dilute substances which may trigger the self-healing system of the body and the last fundamental of this medical system is using the single curative at a time that will yield the results regardless of how many symptoms are exposed but only one remedy would be adopted. For more details and guidance one may consult Homeopathy London.

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