Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to Do Self-Massage - Head Massage Procedure - Part I

Considering the plain fact of massage though everyone knows that it helps in its own amazing way to make enable one to get rid of migraine (headache), backache, stress, depression while delivering the ultimate health benefits to entire body. You can unlock the wholesome treasure by yourself and for yourself, though expert practitioners of Ayurvedic Massage are highly recommended if you are not sure what you are doing in real. However, in order to be sure of what you are doing the pro masters of massage going to reveal you with some helpful steps.
  • Get natural oil, make it slightly warm if possible else you make leave it in your own hands so that it gets warm by itself. 
  • Apply the oil on your whole fingers and start massaging the scalp, initially the sides of your head starting from the portion near to ears while moving towards temples. Make sure you are doing it in circular motion. 
  • When done, apply more oil to your fingers and get start on your top of the head leading towards forehead.
More steps will be posted in second part of this blog post.

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