Thursday, 29 September 2011

Best Practices Guide for Ayurvedic Massage – Part II

All of the illness or medical constraints and limitation should never be kept hidden from the therapist to avoid any possible hazard or to ensure safe treatment. It also include pregnancy element for women who may expect or already pregnant, should explicitly convey to therapist so no harm is expected.

Having an Ayurvedic massage that last around 40-60 minutes, therapist may ask you questions or say different mantras to make you feel relaxed and are always according to your mindset so you may feel comfortable. However, you should respond to therapist questions and let him or her know about you so that he or she may deliver a fruitful massage that is just according to your skin and body type.

As Ayurvedic massages and treatments are much oil therefore you should either ask the therapist about the massage type to know what to wear or in general you should wear such clothes which are dispensable or could be thrown away.

After finishing up with the massage, you may take long and leisure bath to remove all of oils and herbs etc. and should take cool drink to relax and take rest for some time.
Having regular Ayurvedic treatment ensures your balanced health and well-being apart from relaxation and overall improved lifestyle.

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