Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Essence of Rasayana Therapy - Ayurvedic Massage

What is Rasayana?
Rasyana therapy of Ayurveda which is defined as nourishment of all the tissues in the body. The term rasayana is actually a substitute for the word Dehan Siddi which means building up a strong body thats going to to last long. The term rasayana is build up from two separate words i.e. “Rasa” which means the very first liquid tissue that helps in nourishment of all the rest of the tissues in the body and “Ayana” which means in circle i.e. in complete circulation in terms of quality and quantity. 

Process of Ayurvedic Massage - Rasayana Therapy
Slowing Down The Process of Aging:
As rasa is termed as the very first liquid that helps in the nourishment of bodily tissues so basically this procedure is used for biochemical metamorphosis and this procedure is known to be Rasakriya. According to the practitioners of Ayurvedic Massage Rasayana therapy also helps in enhancement of senses, mind and intellect. This is a very important terms specially referring to the process of aging as nourishment of vital tissues helps in slowing down the process of aging. Along with this it also contributes to the enhancement of physical strength and immunity of an individual

A Powerful Mixture:
Another very interesting theory regarding rasayana is that when mixed with certain ingredients it can help an individual in resisting fire, water and other powerful elements. So according to the practitioners of Ayurvedic Massage the preparation was obtained by mixing up herbs in rasayana with milk, ghee, and honey and finally it was fermented and was filtered.

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