Monday, 25 July 2011

Laser Vs Traditional Surgeries – Which One Is Better For Periodontal Diseases?

Periodontal disease, which is quite weird kind of disorder in which one loses teeth. Yes, according to a research study and experts of Periodontal Treatment, more than three-fourth of the people are suffering from this disorder. Essentially, periodontal disease literally affecting the gums and its structure which supporting the teeth. The very first sign of this unfortunate is when you the sides of the gums turned to red and start swelling, while apart from this it starts bleeding with even a simple touch. 

In addition to this, in initial phases of periodontal disease one will hardly notice it though as the time passes on it keeps on affecting the frame of gums. Hence, it results in making sized pockets amongst the teeth by damaging the whole structural frame of the teeth. Regardless of this awful lines, there is good news and which is the periodontal treatment. Yes, it is curable as it has traditional as well as laser surgeries in order to get rid of this disease.

Laser Vs Traditional Periodontal Treatment:
  • Laser treatment is quite easy to performed comparatively to traditional as it doesn't require any physical cutting.
  • After effects of the surgery in Laser treatment is amazingly lower if compared to traditional.
  • Traditional periodontal treatment required takes 3 times more duration to done with a single session.
  • Fast recovery is always expected in Laser treatment than traditional.
  • Unlike traditional treatment, the patient is not needed to follow particular diet after having Laser treatment.
  • Apart from efficient, Laser periodontal treatment is also effective and staying effective for quite longer period of time.

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