Monday, 4 July 2011

The Entire Saga About Ayurvedic Massage and It's Benefits (Part-II)

In previous part of the content we have generally came to know about Ayurvedic Massage and some of it's benefits. While at this current remaining part of the topic we will further explore it's saga in respect to sound health. 

Ayurvedic Massage - Sound Health
In addition to the precious stuff about ayurvedic massage, when it was researches carrying on over it, it has been judged and experienced that with frequent massage to the spine, head and most of the other physical part of the body really increases the cells of semen and muscularity. Yes, a regular massage to entire body parts can earns one with stronger virility. However, the human body can be categorized into major seven components that are mentioned as follow.

  • Rasa ( Hormones and Fluids )
  • Rakta ( Blood cells )
  • Mamsa ( Body's internal flesh )
  • Medha ( Joints of bones or nerves )
  • Asthi (Pure bonny elements )
  • Majja ( Bone Marrows )
  • Shukra (Masculinity, Sperms, and Ovum )

Considering the above stated seven major components of the body, if it is properly gifted with regular ayurvedic massage, it is most likely you would be blessed with sound health. Moreover, it will also keep healthy the skin tissues and cells that will in turns keep you young by decreasing old age signs.

It is most stated at most of the places while the experts of HomeopathyLondon also ensuring that the massage of ayurvedic helps in figuring out assorted eyes issues and disorders. Yes, a regular massage to feet, particular right below the big toes, head and neck will earn one with flawless eye vision. All in all, the way it seems casual or simple, it is not in real yet it is more powerful in results.

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